Sepedi Translation Services 

Welcome to Sepedi Translation Services, the leading provider of high-quality translation services for English to Sepedi and Sepedi to English. Our team of native-speaking translators and language experts has years of experience in delivering accurate and culturally appropriate translations for businesses, individuals, and organizations.

Our Services:

Sepedi Document translation: We translate a wide range of documents, including legal documents, medical documents, financial statements, technical documents, and more.

Sepedi Website translation: We help businesses to reach their target audience by translating their website content into Sepedi. Our team of translators will not only translate the text but also take into consideration the cultural nuances of the language.

Sepedi Audio and video transcription: We provide accurate and reliable transcription services for audio and video files in Sepedi or English.

Sepedi Interpretation services: We provide interpretation services for conferences, business meetings, and other events.

Sepedi Translation Services
Sepedi Interpreting Services

Sepedi Interpreting Services

Kopje Translations is a professional translation agency that provides Sepedi interpreting services. Sepedi is one of the official languages of South Africa and is spoken by millions of people. At Kopje Translations, we understand the importance of accurate and culturally appropriate communication in business and personal settings.

Our team of experienced interpreters are fluent in Sepedi and have a deep understanding of the language and culture. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you require interpreting for a conference, meeting, or event, we have the expertise to ensure that communication is clear and effective.

In addition to Sepedi interpreting services, we also offer translation, transcription, and localization services in a variety of languages. We work with clients in a range of industries, including legal, medical, and business. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services at competitive prices.

Sepedi Language overview

Sepedi, also known as Northern Sotho, is a Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa by approximately 4.2 million people. It is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa and is mainly spoken in the provinces of Limpopo and Gauteng. Sepedi is closely related to other Bantu languages such as Sesotho, Setswana, and isiZulu.

Phonology: The Sepedi language has a relatively simple phonological system with 31 consonants and 10 vowels. It is a tonal language, meaning that the tone of a word can change its meaning. There are three tones in Sepedi: high, low, and falling.

Grammar: Sepedi has a complex system of noun classes, which affects the way that adjectives and verbs are used. There are 18 different noun classes in Sepedi, each with its own set of prefixes and suffixes. Verbs in Sepedi are inflected for tense, aspect, and mood, and there are various verb forms depending on the subject and object of the sentence.

Vocabulary: The Sepedi language has a rich vocabulary, with many words borrowed from other Bantu languages as well as from English and Afrikaans. Some common words in Sepedi include:

  • Dumela: Hello

  • Re a leboga: Thank you

  • Nako ya go tswa: Time to go

  • Lebitso la gago ke mang?: What is your name?

  • Kea leboha: I am fine

Writing System: Sepedi uses a modified version of the Latin alphabet, consisting of 26 letters. Some of the letters are modified with diacritic marks to represent specific sounds in the language.

In conclusion, Sepedi is a rich and complex Bantu language with a unique grammatical structure and a rich vocabulary. It plays an important role in the cultural and linguistic diversity of South Africa, and continues to be an important language for communication, education, and cultural expression.